Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Heinrichsen WSS Flats - Reworked

Here's some old Heinrichsen WSS infantry, another eBay purchase. In this case, a fellow was selling off his dad's old and extensive collection, and quite reasonably priced the lots were as well.  But as is the case with the old figures, the factory paint was crudely done. Here's a shot of the original paint along with some that I've stripped.

And as reworked, in acyrlics.


  1. Marvelous transformation. From child's plaything to work of art.

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Ross.

    I messed up the flag conversion a little. The original swallow tail flag didn't cut it for as an infantry standard. I replaced it by gluing on a flat sheet of metal but once I realized it looked too stiff and cut some waviness into it, now it's a bit small. But still an improvement, I think.


  3. Have had similar experience. You do excellent work.