Monday, October 10, 2011

Austrians - 1683

Thanks to several good suggestions to the "Still Alive & Kicking" post, I've decided to expand the scope of the blog.  Now for some housekeeping.  I don't intend to dredge up every last thing I've ever painted, but did want to take advantage of the blog format to organize some older stuff here, probably with most of the emphasis on the flats, because first you don't see them every day, and second, I just like them.

First up, a few Austrians for the Siege of Vienna, 1683.  Two makers sets here, Schiller and Kieler/Ochel.  Which goes to show that the Germans, if not entirely consistent, usually hit very close to the mark when it comes to meeting a common 30mm standard.  Painted in acrylics.


  1. Hi Steve,

    Very, very nice and I had the honour to take part in a Charge! based refight of the Siege of Vienna many years ago with Eric Knowles.

    Lovely looking figures and I am very impressed!

    All the best,


  2. Thanks very much, David. If you like this period, I have a battalion of Austrian infantry flats yet to be posted.

    I'll bet the Charge! version of the great siege was something special.