Tuesday, October 11, 2011

French WSS Infantry - 20mm Flats

This battalion representing infantry regiment Saintonge are flats from Christian Terana.  Monsieur Terana is a gentleman of the old school who doesn't maintain an internet presence other than e-mail. But with the catalog listings and the help for a French friend, I was able to obtain some of these nice 20mm figures.

Painted with acrylics, as usual.  Terana has a basic, but very nice coverage of the WSS in this small scale.  I particularly like the command figures:

And a couple shots of the finished formation. I'm not too happy with these photos, will have to reshoot this group when I get time.


  1. Thank you, Mark. One could build very nice armies from these, if enough could be obtained. I have the castings to make a large cavalry unit (as well as several gunners), but unfortunately not enough infantry left to do much with.