Saturday, June 3, 2017

Marching off to eBay

Now that my retirement is on the near horizon, my wife and I have made the decision to downsize. Our home for the last 15 years goes on the market next weekend.  We've done some packing for storage and getting rid of stuff.  But my undisciplined style of collecting over the years means that I personally have a lot to do towards making the move happen.

I've decided to prune my collection as much as possible to the following:
30mm flats - Ancient, 1680-1720.
40-45mm flats/semi-flats ca. 1830.

Anything else is fair game.  All of the figures in this post are now on auction at eBay.  Much as I dislike selling on eBay, it's a matter of necessity.  Not to turn the blog into a shameless commercial enterprise, but if readers see anything they'd like to have from what I've posted over the years, please fell free to comment on that particular post and we can take the discussion offline.  My eBay nom de guerre is "sc_tin_man".

I also have many 40mm casting molds, unpainted flats and military history/toy soldier books like the Wollner compendium below so feel free to contact me at "cpl_trimATyahooDOTcom" about your wants.

Speaking of 45mm, some very nice Heinrichsen flats ca. 1840 will be up soon in the next post.