Monday, January 20, 2014

WSS General - 40mm Flat

This is a Heinrichsen figure I've just completed, one that I had left sitting in the queue partially painted for quite some time.  He is actually Marshal Soubise from the Battle of Rossbach set, first issued in 1882.  I think the wig gives him a more old-fashioned look though and he makes a fine general for the 1700-1720 period. I bought this casting as a substitution for the missing artillery piece (mold had broken) when I ordered the Prinz Eugen set.

The casting is on the smallish side for 40mm, but I'll still use him as a command figure for the 40mm 18th Century figures along with the Prince August home casts and other flats. Painting this one has got me fired up on the Prinz Eugen figures again and I'm now working on the Austrian musketeers. Work in progress shots to follow before long.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Later Renaissance - 30mm Flats

Got around to painting some examples of the Wohlmann figures which I bought from Alexander Wilken a while back.  Here are the two main cavalry poses. Actually there was another but he did not seem to survive getting lost in the mail.  Alexander was went to a lot of trouble to replace the lost shipment so I didn't pester him about it.

And the three types of Landsknecht pikemen.  I won't quite say that I'm intimidated by painting landsknechts, but perhaps due to some lack of imagination, I tend towards feeling somewhat overwhelmed by the wild freedom of choice in the color schemes.  So it's a matter of just painting something, anything on the figures and if you paint a few duds, well there's always relegation to the inside of the formation for them. ;-)   

And a group shot, same as above without the camera's "watercolor" filter.

Next up, working on the 40mm general from the Heinrichsen Rossbach set. He's coming along pretty nicely, I think.