Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Queen's Navy - 1/1200 Scratchbuilds

Here's some old ships that I built a while back. 1988, to be precise !  The construction is pure balsa, with wire for the guns & masts. Let me amend that, some of the ship's boats are metal castings, but I haven't the foggiest memory of where I got them.

Here's HMS Majestic and Caesar in their spiffy Victorian livery:

And a couple armored cruisers, HMS Diadem and Argonaut.

You'd think that with as much time I sunk into detailing these, I'd have gone to a little extra trouble to sand the wood smoother in spots. But such were my construction techniques at the time. 

What do these have to do with the new project ?  Being the wrong scale, they relate only indirectly.  But the naval element ca. 1900 certainly plays into it. More anon.


  1. Oh, very fine indeed. Lovely, in fact!

  2. Those are really very nice models. Excellent job!

  3. Cpl Trim

    Nice looking ships and they've lasted well. As for your boats I got mine from extras thrown in with 1:1200 Napoleonic ships and yours look similar.

    Good to see you back on the grid - what's the new project you're talking about? The flats?


  4. Thanks very much, gentlemen ! Project details to be posted shortly. ;-)


  5. Those are great. Did you game with them?

  6. Thanks, Simon. Glad you like them. Sorry to say, they never saw action.

  7. They would be just perfect with "Sea Battle Games", Steve, per your other post.

    Cheers, Simon

  8. Somehow I missed this post . . . but now that I've seen it, "WOW", what lovely models. Very nice, sir.

    -- Jeff

  9. Thanks very much, David. Glad you like them. I have a pair of 1/1800 Dantons nearing completion. What a stroke of genius, picking a pre-dread with 5 funnels and 10 turrets to assemble. ;-)