Sunday, December 11, 2011

Reinforcements - 40mm Plastic Russian Flats

These arrived in the mail other day. Plastic Napoleonic cavalry, made in Russia. They match up with Creartec very well in size although of course they're even flatter and fairly stylized.

Russian Hussars & Cossacks

Russian Cuirassier/Dragoon types
No doubt they're dirt cheap off the rack in a Russian store, less so after passing through the hands of middle men to the US but they were still reasonably priced.  This is a good start but of course I'll need to find at least an equal amount to make decent squadrons of.  The dealer has some Russian connections so I think there's a reasonable chance of finding more. 

I have a couple of other sets in this style, but the usual favored subjects are medieval, either Russians vs. Teutonic Knights or Tartars as seen here:

54mm - painted in acrlics.
Not bad when painted.  I expect the Napoleonics will turn out pretty well painted in gloss toy soldier style although short of painting a few examples to see how they look, not too much point in moving them up in the queue until enough can be obtained to make units out of.


  1. Steve,

    Is there a web presence with a listing? Do they possibly do any 40mm of the tricorn persuasion, say GNW?


  2. Interesting; plastic flats. Nice painting too. Best, Dean

  3. Thanks, Dean !


    I wouldn't rule it out. But the only plastic Russian flats I can recall seeing in my internet travels have been medieval, Napoleonic and Russian Revolution. I assure you, if I'd seen any for the GNW, I'd have been all over that one. ;-)

    As for the web, I bought these from the Toy Soldier HQ odds & ends section. eBay is another possibility although of course it's strictly luck what you find and then you have those sellers who think they've struck gold and set the bidding accordingly. But I don't think this style of figure has ever been that popular.


  4. Interesting and quite attractive in their way. Looking at the Cossacks had me thinking of these being a source for irregular cavalry for fictional Tricorne armies and possibly as a start on a Turkish inspired non-European enemy.

  5. Yes, I like the style as well. And you're right, Ross. The Cossacks would do as irregular cavalry for the 18th Century. Although each bag as originally packaged contains one each of the four different poses.

    - Steve