Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Peipp Remounts

This is for Brian, Uncle Toby of Vauban & Shandy and others who are embarked upon or contemplating an 18th Century toy soldier project in 54mm. Just a few quick shots here related to the previous post about using Peipp 45mm with 54mm horses. Here's Piepp's 45mm cavalry trooper mounted on the original horse.

And remounted on a 1/32 HaT Roman Cavalry horse. He fits very nicely although no doubt a Napoleonic horse would be more suitable so far as the saddle and accoutrements go.

Would the Peipps sell rider castings without their horses ?  Based on my experience and how the timing of the order processing worked out,  I suspect that Helmut casts on demand, making it seem likely that they would. In any case, wouldn't hurt to ask.

Yes, I'm still painting. Just resumed that is, after another week in New York City tending to cleaning up the estate of my poor deceased sister.  Thankfully New York State has a simplified small estate probate process, there's more to do but I can at least wrap things up without incurring an even worse hit by adding lawyer's fees to the mix. Well, enough of that.  Next up, antique 30 Years War flats.  I think you're going to like these.


  1. He doesn't look small on the Hat horse at all, in fact he still looks like a large man. One of the Italeri staff horses might do nicely.

    Sad work the other bit. Hopefully you can wrap up the business end soon.

  2. Thanks, guys. You're right, Ross. He is a big guy. I don't have the Italeri cavalry but I'm inclined to think you are correct about that.


  3. Many thanks for this Steve, the figure has lots of character and sits well on the plastic horse - much food for thought here!

    Sorry to hear about your loss.
    Wishing you a peaceful christmas, Brian

  4. Thanks, Brian. On both counts. Glad the post may be of some use to you.

    Regards and Merry Christmas to you as well,