Saturday, November 5, 2011

Random Photos - Part 1

Here are some photos taken recently by my stepson Benjie for one of his photography classes.  He attends an art school here in Northern California. His project was photographing some of my figures, mostly outdoors.

40mm Prince August. L'artillerie Royale.

40mm Prince August. Swedes head through town.

40mm Prince August

54mm knights. Tradition kits and Italeri 100 YW.

25mm Greeks. He took this with my camera, why can't I do that ?


  1. If it is any consolation I cannot take photos that good either.

    Splendid work.

    -- Jeff

  2. He's off to a good start. Love the medievals btw.

  3. Wonderful work! And great pictures by your stepson too!


  4. Thanks, everyone ! The 54mm knights are fun to paint now and then. I wish we'd shot them from some other angles and the first day he photographed, I neglected to bring out my camera and take some shots of my own. The second day I did, so there's a few pirates coming up in the next post.