Friday, March 24, 2017

Minifigs - 18th Century 2

A couple more custom figures have been completed.  Here's the grenadier:

For my not-quite-French Celtican army.  The cap and bayonet are from Woody's Minifig Customs shop on Shapeways. I like the bayonet, it attaches directly to the musket as opposed to the extra clip needed for the Brick Arms bayonet.  I thought a smoldering fuse on the grenade would be a good  touch but didn't come up with anything yet when making the figure.  I can always retrofit something later.  In illustrations for the period one generally sees the musket slung diagonally across the back but it interfered with the grenade throwing arm so I compromised on that.

And the cavalry trooper:

He was actually a bit easier to make as no work is needed on the coat, due to the Lego design where the figure stands inserted in his saddle.  I did cut down the legs a bit as to my eyes one of the flaws of the Lego horsemen is they stand a bit tall in the saddle.  Lego actually makes a short leg piece, will have to try some.

And of course, the fact that the figures stand in the saddle as opposed to straddling it was an understandable design choice even if it looks goofy until you get accustomed to it.  But I wonder how it would have sold had Lego chosen to sell an optional saddle piece with legs on it which you just plug the torso into ?  The sword is also from Woody's, oddly cast with the flat of the blade perpendicular to the hilt. The blade is also huge, wound up cutting it nearly in half for the length shown here. The tricorne and blunderbuss are from BrickWarriors, the rest (including Green Stuff hair) was up to me.

I'm satisfied with both of these as prototypes for future units.  Lego also makes a stocking cap so dragoons are a possibility as well.  Also artillery, I have a gun but the carriage needs some modification.  


  1. They kinda grow on you don't they? I had to blow up the cavalryman to understand about him stand on (in?) The saddle but it doesn't seem to matter.

    Love the grenadier!

    1. Thanks, Ross. Interesting that the Lego saddle fit didn't strike you as odd. Perhaps it's not such a bad thing.

  2. It is enjoyable watching this army progress. Is the grenade the Lego baseball?

    The problem with the custom makers is that they can get very expensive if you are doing quite a number of figures.

    1. Didn't know Lego made a baseball. The grenade is modern M67 frag with the fuse and handle cut off.

      Regarding customs, the cost really depends upon the availability of cheap Lego parts on Brick Owl. For these, the hats, muskets, swords and pouches are common and therefore cheap. The real drawback for me is the build time.