Saturday, April 1, 2017

Artillerie Royale - Toy Town Soldiers 6

I've had this artillery set completed for some time now but never got around to posting it.  This is the Toy Town Soldiers horse artillery group.  There's also a limber set with crew but I don't have it.

I do like these, except for the smallish gun.  Let's see how it stacks up against the Prince August 6-pounder.

And with the crew.  Better, I think.

I've been inspired to take up my Toy Town Soldiers again. After fiddling with the Lego figures for quite some time, the prep work of a few minutes filing made for a nice change of pace.   I just ordered some more cavalry and the gunners in shakos without the piece.  I'm committed to the PA guns from here out, for the foot artillery at least.


  1. Very inspiring! Love the toy soldiers (as you well know).

    1. Thanks, Thomas. Good to hear from you and your jousting knights are looking great.

  2. I love the gunners!

    The TT gun looks more late 19th C but it is pretty small, The PA gun looks better with the crew. Terribly useful molds those, if only they had a reason to make a single trail gun!

    1. Thanks very much, Ross.

      Yes, I think the TT gun is modeled on a Britains spring gun, it has a (non-working) spring at the breach which doesn't show in my photos. I wonder a bit what the sculptor was thinking with the small size of the gun, perhaps to make it in scale with the limber set which uses the very toylike horses.