Saturday, May 14, 2011

2nd 1/1600 Scratchbuild - HMS Indomitable

And now equal time for the British, the ill-fated Battle Cruiser Indefatigable.  A word about the strange scale choice of 1/1600 is in order here.  I used the excellent ship drawings featured in V.E. Tarrant's, Jutland: The German Perspective.
While I can't say this book broke any new ground about the exhaustively covered Battle of Jutland, the author at the very least did an excellent job with the artwork, featuring line drawings of every capital ship class of each side.  Most useful as each features a top down view as well as a profile.  About the only critique I can level is the misplacement of asymetrical wing turrets on several ships.

The build is done in composite style, basswood, styrene, brass wire and cardstock.


  1. Lovely detail, especially the anti-torpedo booms (I think) on the outside of the hull

    Fantastic :)

  2. Geordie,

    Thanks for the kind words about the initial postings ! I'm pleasantly surprised as I've done nothing to promote the blog so far. I'll have the Austro-Hungarians up shortly, followed by a series about old Minifigs WW1 ships.