Saturday, June 30, 2012

Reinforcements - Heinrichsen 30mm Flats

A couple more units have arrived for the ancients. These are all old Heinrichsen figures, although the upainted cavalry castings are 2011 re-issues of the original set from 1921.  I bought two sets in order to make a complete unit.  Each contains two command figures and 8 troopers, giving me a nice 18-figure unit once they are combined and painted.

I'm a little disappointed that one of these riders has a shield and the other doesn't.  Could further break it down with another two sets of course, but not something I want to spend the money on so they'll have to do as is.

And here's a quite appealing set of 20 ancient Greeks, apparently peltasts although they wear the old-fashioned crested Corinthian helmets. I got these on eBay, paid rather more than I wanted to as someone bid me up on it, but I think they'll look very good as a peltast formation once I get around to repainting them.

I like this officer that came with the peltasts.  Quite old-fashioned and not sure what the designer was thinking of with the helmet, looks more like Renaissance parade armor. But I think he'll make a fine Hyborian era general.

Making good headway on the phalanx, finished 4 more figures yesterday, 28 down, 8 to go.


  1. The various horse fellows are very spirited indeed. Looking forward to seeing your excellent paint work on these.

  2. This is turning into a very exciting collection of ancients. The officer's helmet and armour almost look Carolingian but he could probably pass as wearing a variation of a Boetian helmet.

    I don't think the peltasts are in old fashioned Corinthian helmets which were 1 piece. I think they are variations of the later Thracian/Phyrgian helmets which had exaggerated cheek pieces.

    As you say, all perfectly suitable for Hyboria regardless.

  3. Great castings of the cavalry, can't wait to see them painted up (need all the ideas I can get for my own Ancient project!)

  4. Thanks for the feedback, gentlemen. Hope to get painting these before long. I'm still undecided as to what to paint next after the pike phalanx is done. It's between Cretan archers, the slingers shown in a preceding thread or the peltasts.