Monday, June 25, 2012

Epirote War Elephant - 30mm Flat

Here's last week's painting, from a set by Lampert (Frankfurter Zinnfiguren),  Die Elefanten des Pyrrhus.  It's the only one of the set I have, no matter since this elephant works for any Hellenistic army if we don't obsess over the accuracy of shield patterns. As always, painted in acrylics.

I have one more unpainted elephant, a great, well-armored Seleucid beast.  I'll hold off on painting it though, need to work on more infantry and cavalry now. Too many elephants and my army will be like Germans top-heavy with Tiger tanks. The Macedonian infantry and cavalry castings have arrived from Heinrichsen.  Now I have enough figures to finish the first phalanx, a dozen left to paint.  Should be done in 2-3 weeks.


  1. Love it; there is such an elegant beauty (& nostalgia) with flats. Best, Dean

  2. Thanks, Dean & Simon. And I agree, flats have kind of a nostalgiac appeal. Lampert is relatively new on the scene, but I think many of the 100 year old designs still retain great appeal, even when they don't measure up to modern standards in historical accuracy.