Thursday, April 3, 2014

Tradition Knights - 54mm

It's past time to put something new up here. I finished the paper model T-72 but haven't gotten around to  photographing it yet. I wanted to make a few outdoor shots but it's been pretty soggy out there for the last week or so.  Anyway, as no doubt blog followers here are probably used to the abrupt changes in subject matter, on to something completely different.

I enjoy painting 54mm knights.  Over the years, I've collected them off and on and probably have enough to start thinking about some 54mm skirmish gaming with them. Rules recommendations, anyone ?  They are mostly plastic but also some metal figures are in the mix.  These Tradition kits are nice and less expensive than most. The foot knights are rather static, hence not so good for gaming purposes, but I do like this one.  I've been experimenting with polishing the metal with steel wool and leaving it unpainted.

The mounted figures look to me to be more appealing on account of their more animated poses.  Here's Thomas de Beauchamp, the Earl of Warwick. The Atelier Interactive acrylic paints work nicely on these, the color is definitely more vibrant than the wargames paints. The Tradition figures make for an easy paint job on account of the raised heraldry. 

Tradition's painting guide

I'm working on repainting some Britains Deetail knights at the moment and should have pictures before long, as well as of the T-72.


  1. Beautifully done!

    I'll shamelessly plug Rob Dean's Medieval Mayhem (shameless because I had input). Its available in Battlegames issue 6. Very simple and easily picked up at conventions by new players.

    1. Thanks, Ross ! And thanks as well for the tip on Medieval Mayhem. I actually have Battlegames # 6, I'll dig it out when I get home from work tonight.

  2. These are the sort of figures I craved as a child. Fantastic painting and I look forward to seeing the Deetail ones when finished.

  3. Likewise - I'm fascinated by the idea of the repainted Deetail knights.

    Beautiful painting as ever.


  4. Wow - spectacular knights. 54mm gaming would be stunning - hmm, not sure which rules, but they'd look great on the table

  5. Thanks very much indeed, gentlemen. The Deetail knights are interesting, strangely outfitted but dynamic figures all the same.


  6. Excellent work, love the colors!

  7. Very nice figures indeed. I will be very interested in seeing the Deetail figures as I was thinking of doing the same thing :)

  8. Thanks very much, Phil & Red Cardinal.