Saturday, February 16, 2013

Random Knights - 54mm Plastic

Apropos of nothing in particular, here's a few pictures of plastic knights I painted.  They're a mixture of the Italeri 100 Years series and couple older ones of which I'm racking my brain to recall the maker. Accurate ?   One of these days I'll have to put together a better photo shoot including the metal Tradition figures.

Still plugging away on the Prinz Eugen flats. Should have enough painted to warrant a new post sometime later this week. I've been busy at work, and also clearing out my 54mm Romans on eBay. I put up what I thought were the less appealing sets this week and I must say, people really seem to like Romans !   


  1. They look great. The first and last one I met in 1/72, Italeri produces them and they do 54mms too, but I have only seen Napoleonic. Of course there can be a different maker in other scales.

  2. Thanks, Andras. Yes, I think HaT as well as Italeri has done that, For whatever they offer in 1/32 (54mm), it came out first in 1/72. I do wish Zvezda had made some 1/32 figures.