Tuesday, December 4, 2012

More Flats

Glorious Empires - 54mm
Something of a mixed bag in this post, finishing up odds and ends in the painting queue. First, Fechner 30mm Renaissance cavalry.  Most of them have shown up in one post or another, but now combined.  Good engravings but not great ones.  To my eyes the lancer is the weakest of the bunch with the strange helmet and the horse's smallish hindquarters.  Nicely animated though.

The TYW musketeer is from Glorious Empires. I liked the look of these and bought of few samples from The Little Tin Soldier. These are 54mm, designs originally 30mm and scaled up.  I have no real aspirations of switching to flats in this larger scale but was curious to see if I could pull off a passable paint job, as the shading comes in for closer scrutiny than what you can get away with in 30mm.  He came out well enough I think and I somewhat regret choosing the faceless guy here for the test paint as the personality is definitely lacking.

Upcoming posts, I've finished a Peipp 45mm general which has been primer coated and ready to go for many months. Just waiting to apply the varnish.  The real exciting thing for me is a set of classic old Heinrichsen Thirty Years War set in 40mm.  These designs date to 1883 !  They arrived from Nürnberg a few days ago and I've started painting some. I really look forward to sharing these with you, masterful designs for the most part with a number of mounted generals and leaders of the TYW.


  1. Lovely painting, as ever! I do like the 54mm chap.

    Cheers, Simon

  2. Thanks, Simon.

    The 54mm was fun to paint but I don't have the space or the funds to indulge myself with many of them. However, Glorious Empires has a number of different musketeers, two types of pikemen, NCO, officer, standard bearer and mounted commander. So a large unit could be created if anyone was so inclined.


  3. Dear Corporal_Tim, your blog is one which I like the most. Indeed "flats" are one of the unresolved passions of mine. I am a keen painter of 6mm, but one day I'll try flats, hoping to get results as yours.

    For this reason, I nominated for the Liebster Blog Award on my Blog http://torgauproject.blogspot.it

    I send you the best wishes!

  4. Ciao, Fabrizio.

    Thanks for your support, with the kind words about the painting, and Liebster as well. I'm by no means a great painter of flats but perhaps because few are blogging about them, it all looks pretty good lacking frequent standards of comparison. ;-)

    Took a look at your Torgau Project blog, amazing what you've done with those tiny men and horses.

    If you're interested in giving flats a go, the 20mm may appeal to you (check the 20mm Label here for a couple examples). They're designed for wargamers and seem to be consistently used as such, not of interest to the contest painters. You could shade them simply but no one expects you to.

    Best regards,