Thursday, November 15, 2012

Period Engravings: Dutch Revolt

Taking a rather different tack here, this thread contains no painting updates. I am still painting, of course. No day feels complete without doing some. However, I've embarked upon a new tack with the flats, testing out artist's acyrilic paints, Chroma Atelier Interactive. Thanks go to Mike Siggins for the tip on these.  More to follow, but suffice it to say now that the normal fast rate of drying can be retarded by means of adding more water or the drying slowed even further by various mediums.  They do indeed blend better but the drawback is a recommended cure time of 7 days before varnishing.  Meaning I have figures done but still in the drying queue.

To the images.  I've stumbled upon a source of inspiration for the Renaissance era, namely the Frederik Muller Historieplaten digital collection from the Dutch Rijksmuseum.

Here we have a collection of some 4966 historical engravings, mainly illustrating scenes from the Dutch Revolt/80 Years War. To a lesser degree, the War of the Spanish Succession also gets some coverage.  The images are of a generally high quality, perhaps not as uniformly excellent as Merian's Theatrum Europeaum splendid images of the 30 Years War, but quite a few of these Dutch illustrations are fine examples of the engraver's art.  Just a few examples:

Last but not least, the WSS:

I do enjoy printing out a batch, pouring a glass of port and retiring to the man cave, there to transport myself to bygone centuries.


  1. I total enjoy the old pen and ink drawings as I have drawn 2 so far for my book. I appreciate the artistry and work involved to draw in ink. Regarding mediums I am into poster paints, artist's oil, acrylics, and oil and chalk pastels. It's all good and the effects are stunning especially when weathering. I haven't lifted a brush to paint a figure in over 6 months however working on a dreadnaught and have to label my block armies. Work and real life has got in the way however it's all good ... Jeff

  2. I'm glad you liked the images, Jeff. Look forward to hearing more about your book, is that the Lone Warriors project ?