Friday, September 21, 2012

No Paparazzi

For the most part, I try keeping this blog on the path of focusing on the miniatures, or things directly relating to them.  For that matter, neither am I on Facebook, or Twitter - tweeting what I had for breakfast.  Yet there are times when life intrudes upon the idyllic world of small ships or soldiers, and this is one of them.

I had fully intended my next post to be a progress report on the War of the Polish Succession era 40mm semi-rounds (semi-flats) with WIP photos.  However, earlier this week, thieves broke into our home in the afternoon while I was at work and my wife had gone out to run a few errands in town. Smashing through the locked side door to the garage, they gained entry to the house and stole a number of items, amongst which were both of our cameras.  The old 3.2mp Sony from the dawn of the digital era wasn't much of a loss at it could barely cope with close-ups, but losing the Nikon was another matter.  

Hence for the short term, there will be no pictures of what's coming off the painting table.  I suppose is the upside is that I won't be tempted to bore readers with painstaking progress reports such as you seen on certain minatures forums ("And today I shaded more of the blanket roll"). Once I replace the camera there'll be a more fully finished unit.  Which I look forward to showing as it will feature some interesting custom infantry figures.

In the meanwhile, I could post a few things from the archives, such as this Selchow 45mm Urartian chariot flat.  I painted it last year.



  1. Oh bad luck!

    That chariot above, is stunning.

    Cheers, Simon

  2. Cpl Trim

    Bummer with the break in. The chariot above is stunning, but makes me realize what might have been posted.

  3. So sorry to hear of your break in . Hope things get back to normal soon .

  4. That sucks!

    The break in, not the chariot, the chariot is superb.

    Nothing wrong with wip photos from time to time, unless you're worried about trade secrets.

  5. Thanks for the kind words, gentlemen - both regarding the break-in and the chariot flat.

    Regarding the theft losses, the insurance company has been been cooperative about our claim on the homeowner's policy although it remains to be seen what kind of settlement they'll arrive at. But for my wife's jewelry with sentimental value, odds of recovery are slim.

    And the thieves toted out a safe full of personal documents containing our SSN's, etc. Hopefully they just trashed the contents in digust once they found no cash-ready valuables in it, don't care to have this escalate to battling identity theft. Time will tell....

    The bottom line, material things can be replaced and no one was hurt.


  6. Steve, you and your wife should probably be happy that she wasn't in the house with the rising rate of "home invasions" where the inhabitants are often beaten to tell where valuables are.

    As you say, at least no one was hurt. Let us all be very thankful of that.

    -- Jeff

  7. Hey Steve,
    Sorry to here about your items being stolen, Ross is right that does suck! Might be time to get an alarm system as the odds are they could come back. Anyway stellar paint job on the chariot. I mentioned your work and blog in the credits for my article posted to Lone Warrior edition #180 entitled: Flat Figures Re-visited ... Jeff

  8. Thanks again, guys. And I liked the flats article, thanks for that, Jeff.