Sunday, March 25, 2012

BrickArms Conversions 2 - Plastic Army Men

Now for some Green army troops.  The BrickArms HCSR sniper rifle is a dead ringer for a Barrett .50 cal.  Although that's large piece anyway, if I had it to do over I would shaved a few millimeters off the stock as the figure is still undersized relative to the weapon (although this is somewhat exaggerated by the angle of the photo).  The prone figure started life as a New Ray machine gunner.  The spotter is New Ray as well.  The guy converted from an M16 to the MP5 was shown unpainted in the previous post.

Painted in acrylics as always, photographed outdoors.  Gloomy outside today outside but the rain held off just long enough to take a few photos.


  1. Thanks ! Nice to see someone still looking at the blog, I really must begin to update it one of these days.