Monday, March 12, 2012

Austro-Hungarian Hussars - 38mm

Finally finished the unit of HWG-Modelle Austro-Hungarian hussars.  And, I have gotten more information about the mysterious HWG-Modelle company, courtesy of Wollner expert Robert Lonsing.  He writes:

HWG-Modelle has nothing to do with Wollner/Kober, there is definitely no connection. HWG-Modelle was or is a consolidation of two manufacturer only for the purpose of better selling:
- Erich Kollenz: HWG-Design started in the 1970's (mainly guns and limbers through all ages) and
- Josef Sichard, Vienna: pewterer and tin-founder since 1825
Your purchases are definitely no Wollner- but Josef Sichard-castings from old moulds (bought in addition about 1880-1900).
My thanks to Herr Lonsing for his help in solving the origin of these castings. Without further preamble, here are the figures (painted in acrylics, sprayed with two coats of gloss).


  1. Hi Steve,

    Beautiful figures sir! Lovely plumage and with the two coats of gloss varnish are very evocative.

    All the best,


  2. I wonder when they were actually cast and if someone still hs the mold?

    Very pretty anyway.


  3. Thanks, David ! I have enough Sichart castings left to finish the infantry formation and also paint a squadron of uhlans. All in due time. ;-)


  4. Ross,

    Thanks. And I did not publish all of the message from Robt. Lonsing, but he says that Peter-Ewald Kovar now owns these old molds. I have the e-mail address if you're interested.

    Berliner Zinnfiguren still has enough cavalry castings left to make decent units of but you could probably cut a better deal getting direct from Kovar.