Monday, June 10, 2019

French Husssars of 1845 - 45mm Flats

Here's another set of antique Heinrichsen flats, # 6023 which was first issued in 1845.  They're from the 60mm range but as all the horse I've gotten in this size are undersized relative to the foot (which are true 60mm, I think that's good thing because they match other figures I already have.

The castings were clean but the detail was a bit understated, so care had to be taken not to put down the paint too thick.

Researching the uniform colors was fun.  I relied heavily on Lienhart & Humbert but as mostly the saddles are depicted as the sheepskins, it took some digging to find the shabraque. I eventually found an image for the 7th, so that's how I painted them.

With plenty of detail to paint, they took me several weeks to complete.


  1. I'm not clear on Anonymous' comment above but the figures look fantastic!

    1. Spammer gone, now we can talk about figures. Thanks very much, William. The castings do have plenty of toy soldier appeal.

  2. I like these!

    Might be just me or it may be somehow related to the shallow detail but the pictures remind me strongly of the sort of printed card soldiers one used to cut out.

    1. Thanks for supporting both here and on Facebook, Ross. FB has been great but it's led me to neglect the blog. Just realized I'd never gotten around to posting these. I do agree on the printed card soldier look. Don't think this style would have been out of play amongst the Strasbourg paper soldiers of the era.

  3. Tim,I am a Prop Master working on a TV show and need to find some tin soldiers from 1905 as a prop. You seem to have an extensive knowledge of them, is there a way for me to email or call you? You can either leave me contact info here, or my office is 401-859-0032. You can leave a message there, just leave it for the property dept. Thank you.

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  5. Hello Steve!
    Great figures, i a from Sweden and if you have any karoliner left for sale let me know or ny other tin soldiers.

    1. Thank you, Johan. I've sold most of the painted Karoliners. But next time I'm at the storage locker I can check what painted figures are left.

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