Friday, December 18, 2015

Flats Battle Preview

The armies square off.  Left: Aquilonia. Right: Argos

Casus Belli: Fort Panion

Sound the advance !

I'll be using the Tony Bath rules from Featherstone's War Games.  These are the first photos taken on my new iPad Mini.   More to follow....


  1. When I saw the 1st picture I immediately thought of the Battle of Trimsos. Well done sir!

  2. lovely - painting tutorial would be nice.

  3. Ancients with Flats? How could one use any rules other then Baths?

    Luscious work,


  4. Full of nostalgia, excellant looking game, Tony

  5. Great looking set up.....Looking forward to the battle report.

  6. Glorious!
    I can't wait to see more.
    BTW can you recommend a book on painting flats with acrylics I am tempted to have a wee go...

  7. Proper old school, a really impressive sight!

  8. Many thanks, one and all ! I can only hope the battle report lives up to expectations.

    The paint jobs of the various units (more detail about which in the next post) are a mix of factory paint and my own.

    Regarding flats painting tutorials, I think it's something Michael Taylor did best in "The Art of the Flat Tin Figure". Suffice it to say here, anyone who has painted a wargames figure can do it. I'd say at first go, don't worry about shading, just get used to painting on a 2D surface. Nor is it really necessary on a figure you intend to use primarily for gaming.

    So far as shading goes, the main thing is to keep a consistent light source. For me, that's an imaginary sun to the left, shining down at a 45 degree angle.

  9. Beautiful painting and as others have said, evocative of a bygone era.