Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Naval Artillery - 35mm Semi-flat


Just a quick post here to show an unusual figure I found on eBay recently.  It's evidently a home casting, as Roer's Bleisoldaten shows it on the Formenhersteller (mold manufacturer) section, "Ersten Weltkrieg von HDL".   As purchased, someone had crudely painted the sailor's head and nothing else, thus a simple matter to repaint it to my own standard.

Rather an appealing, toylike figure.

Next up, a battalion of antique Heinrichsen flats, French infantry of the 1850's.


  1. Lovely figure,beautifully painted.

  2. What an interesting and charming piece! I can picture hordes of naval gunners being cast up and being sent off to play.

    The offset wheels are an interesting touch and combined with your painting give an illusion of greater depth. Love the backdrop.

  3. Thanks, Ross. Yes, I do like the sculpting of the gun with offset wheel.. I agree, it's a small thing but provides more of a 3D effect. The figure itself is pretty flat.

    The backdrop is something I painted years ago for displaying WSS flats in a curio. It looks a bit too arid to properly be Flanders but it's come in surprisingly handy for various photos.

    Spenkuch actually made some gunners in their 40mm naval landing party set which should fit in nicely with this figure but Berliner Zinnfiguren is asking too much for it.

  4. Very smart looking! I hope for the gunner's sake that there isn't much recoil on that thing!

  5. Hi Steve,
    Writing you from Orbey in the Vosges. Fabulous stuff as usual. I have to marvel at your ability to find these things. You know what I think of your painting. Beautiful. Can't wait for what's next. All best, John

    1. Thanks, John. Good to hear from you. Hope you're enjoying your sojourn through Europe.