Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A 19th Century Interlude - 40mm Flats

For some reason I had a strong temptation over the weekend to bring out a few of these figures which had been primered and sitting in the queue since getting the set last year. These are Heinrichsen's set # 4077 - Fronzosische Infanterie im Feuer, a relatively recent re-issue in 2011.  The set contains 20 figures: mounted officer and three other command, 16 infantrymen in three poses. 

The designs date to 1860, per the listing supposed to be French line infantry ca.1850, but I think the kepis date them a bit later. Probably contemporary with the date of issue but suitable for the mid-19th Century to the Franco-Prussian war. They're smallish 40mm, a few millimeters shorter than Prince August for example, and obviously slender.

I wasn't so enamored of the stylized old-fashioned designs as castings, but with paint on them, I quite like them. Simple and easy to paint too, I did four of these guys pretty quickly so the whole unit could reasonably be done in a month or so. I'm thinking of gloss coating to match the semi-rounds.  I also have a nice set of Chasseurs a Cheval, contemporary with these.


  1. Nice to think that the masters are 150 years old, and actually predate the Franco Prussian war!


  2. I agree, Simon. It's pretty cool being able to paint such old figures as if they were new. I'm amazed by how well most of the castings still come out.