Saturday, January 12, 2013

30 Years War- Part 3: Heinrichsen 40mm Flats

Finshed a few more figures.  In the background is a long lost and somewhat crude backdrop I painted for displaying WSS flats many years ago. My wife just unearthed it last week. Not terrible but pretty arid looking for Flanders, could pass for Spain I guess. In any case, it does blend pretty well with the brown felt in the foreground.

This figure represents the Swedish general Johan Baner, the name strangely reminiscent of a certain well-tanned politician from Ohio.

The infantry look a little better in this setting.

Next up, working on a few Schmittdiel flats I've had in the painting queue for some time now, 45mm figures for the 1700-1750 period.


  1. Lovely. Are the pikes cast, or wire? If the former, they must be fragile!

  2. Classy work. Love the smoke on the firing figure.

  3. Thanks very much, Simon and Andrew.

    Good question about pikes. For flats, they are always cast. At least I have never seen any cast with open hands to receive weapons like wargames figures.

    Yes, you might think this leads to a lot of breakage but the alloy is surprisingly flexible. Not to say that parts don't break off in case of a big mishap or on old figures which have seen hard usage. The thinnest parts like swords or bayonets are most prone to it but flats are tougher than the appearance might leave you to believe.