Friday, July 20, 2012

New Prince August Molds - 40mm Karoliners

If you're on the Prince August e-mail newsletter distribution, you'll know by now that more Karoliner molds will be released in "early September". If not, here are the new figures which we'll be able to cast:

To my eyes at least, they're consistent with PA's track record of bungling their opportunities to really please 40mm semi-round enthusiasts.  On the one hand, it's always great to have new figures. And I do like the look of the two loading and two command figures. But on the other hand, why make yet more Swedish infantry ?!  Holger Eriksson's output was already prolific and arguably more appealing than the new generation of figures.  What was needed was more troops without turnbacks, suitable for their Russian, Saxon or Danish. Or indeed anyone else for the WSS era.

For the Russians, at least there are the two grenadiers in tall miter caps.  But again, my enthusiasm for these two figures in considerably dampened by the clumsy "lunging with bayonet" poses.  How much more useful they would have been carrying their weapons in a march attack pose, or at least a high port position where the front rank of your formation isn't being skewered by the second.

On the bright side, PA still seems to be actively supporting this range of molds.  Sooner or later they're bound to hit some home runs.


  1. Have seen thse as well, sadly a oppertunity lost- must be very expensive to turn out new molds its a pity they did not ask people what sorts of figure they would like, they remind me of the sort of poses you used to get in Airfix boxes.

  2. Mosstrooper,

    I wonder about that too, are they soliciting any suggestions or just letting the sculptor indulge himself ? At least we didn't get the "clubbing with musket guy".


  3. Well, the bright side is that the figures can be used in mass. Am I the only one who looks at the Viking/Skraeling line and wonders - "Why would I ever buy a mold to cast a pose that absolutely can not be repeated?"